Bragem Fruticola Produce was created in 2008 in order to develop and enhance a company that offers a professional development to its collaborators to expand the options of direct sales to growers of the Hass avocado variety by commercializing the products of their own orchards, both in the national and international market. From 2014, with the purpose of producing fruits with the highest quality standards, the idea of commercializing our product abroad managed to make the first sale of Hass avocado in the United States, starting with a new stage in the company's achievements. In the Export market we are in commercial relationships with first level companies in U.S.A., in charge of the massive distribution of fresh produce from the field. We currently ship our products to different states of the American Union, satisfying the demand of our customers and consumers in quality and price and achieving an active presence in the states of Texas, California, Chicago and Arizona. We have adequate logistics to carry our product within the entire United States. Our main entry points are: McAllen City and Laredo City in Texas and Nogales, Arizona.




“To be a leading organization with world-level competition in field products”


“To be a leader in marketing field products meeting the needs of our customers beyond their expectations providing high quality products and service excellence. Likewise, we aim sustained growth of the producers and the development of our collaborators”


Leadership:  Strive to shape a better future.
Collaboration:  Promote collective talent.
Integrity:  Be transparent.
Liability:  Accountability on time.
Passion:  Being committed with heart and mind.
Quality:  Search for excellence and freshness.

BRAGEM, is a company dedicated to the production of avocado hass variety, was created in 2008 with the aim of producing fruits with the most high standards of quality. At the moment it is dedicated to the sale and commercialization of the fruit that produce its own Avocado orchards both for local, national and foreign markets, promoting the product in its different packaging and presentations.